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Our Step by Step guide to HIV Prevention and Management

Step-1: Take the Test All of us need to be tested and know our status to have the best chance to survive.

After The Test Beyond knowledge of status, there must also be an easy to understand plan for all. We have developed a step by step guide to success based loosely on 12 step mentoring models that have proven globally successful in treating other stigmatized conditions.

  • Step-2: Play It Safe (Condomize)
  • Step-3: Choose Monogamy
  • Step-4: Test Together
  • Step-5: Always Protect Yourself/ No Exceptions
HIV + Positive
  • Step-2: Keep Your Medical Appointments
  • Step-3: Take your Medicine Properly
  • Step-4: Avoid Reinfection (Condomize)
  • Step-5: Connect With Support