About Us

The I’m A Survivor Campaign is designed for all people regardless of status. It is our mission to break the chain of stigma surrounding the issue of HIV and promote a social dynamic of competence. While it is estimated that in South Africa 2300 women between 15-24 become infected with HIV every week, and 500,000 people a year across South Africa, HIV remains a subject that most people are not comfortable discussing. In order to reverse this trend, we must work together by embracing the strength to discuss the topic and build competence into our own lives.

We will feature the top entertainment brands nationally and internationally to build a new social dynamic of HIV competence. It is within our power to end HIV in this generation if we can educate ourselves, find our voice and take the necessary precautions to protect our health when we become intimate with our partner(s). Our events are designed to inform while we bring you the very best in entertainment. So join and support our movement for a healthy nation and together we will put HIV where it belongs, in the past.

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Our Mission

  • Involving our youth in positive alternatives to crime, drugs, teen pregnancy and prostitution.
  • Integrated Life Skills Programming.
  • Promotion of HIV Competence.
  • Support and healing to the victims of violence and rape.
  • Empowering those affected by HIV/AIDS through support platforms and networks.
  • Outcomes based, performance driven programming.

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Our Vision

  • Providing arts, sports and life skills activities and content for youth.
  • Stabilizing families and individuals in crisis, as we assist and encourage them in maintaining. the educational and entrepreneurial pathways to success.
  • Helping people heal from trauma through peer counseling and empowerment.
  • Teaching people to help themselves through education and life skills development.
  • Building partnerships and demonstrating models to transform the nation.


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Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Highest expectations
  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Independence

Our Team

Team Diamond Life can be described as dedicated, dynamic, experienced, creative and visionary.  We come from many walks of life and each member contributes in their own way.  We will use this space to introduce ourselves to you on a rotating basis.

Our Partners

Our Ambassadors